is a slow filmmaker — editor — handles cameras every now and then — teaches and coaches here and there — looks like a frog when she smiles too hard — dreams of cycling through NYC with Eileen Myles — senses a form of freedom when she stands upright on her pedals — is a bit sad that her bolex is gathering dust — did not put any old projects on the new website, you can check projects from before 2017 on the old site — the old website is nicknamed 'dinosaurus'
Any questions? mail fairuz@garage64.be or call +32 474 61 11 39

has a small printshop in Sint-Joost-Ten-Node — teaches at the erasmushogeschool in brussels — wants ‘to open eyes’ just like Joseph Albers did — is not to fold in a A4 and prefers asymmetry to symmetry — dreams sometime to apple quit the virtual empire — if she could choose, she would wake up in the 15th century — collects surprising and illogical facts from art history — might start a professional dance career one day — loves real garage hands and stays excited after every print — wouldn't refuse an offer to become minister of education — Find Maaike on instagram
I’m always up for a challenge: maaike@garage64.be or +32 494 33 65 09